Race Preparation

Race Day Preparation

If you are unsure on what to do on race day, or what to eat, I can help!


Elite Race Training

Whether you're trying to shave off seconds, or increase endurance, I can help you achieve your goals.


Race Preparation

Fail to prepare - Prepare to fail!

Unless you are training just to keep fit and healthy, you are training to race - which seems pretty logical. But what is not logical is that after putting in all your hard training you jeopardize your race performance with poor race preparation. Check out the following, and see if anything rings a bell!

  • If you are racing on a Saturday are you still training session on Thursday? Try to ease the intensity and duration of any physical activities 3-4 days prior to your race. Most juniors benefit from a rest day the day before a race, and depending on age and experience, should be doing an easy to steady run on the last training day.
  • If you are looking at a major championship race then a gradual taper all week can sometimes help race performance but this does depend on what training has been done before and how you have performed previously to such tapering.
  • Do you take into account the level of exercise or games that you play at school - plus your training - in your run up to an important race?
  • For those with paper rounds - do you still run them on race day?
  • If you have raced the previous weekend do you take that into account with the following week’s training, especially if it was a tough race?
  • If your race is an early race start do you get up early enough to eat breakfast at least three hours before the race? When you do have a meal is it the right kind of food or are you eating hard to digest food?
  • Do you keep hydrated on the way to the race - by having a drinking bottle in the car with you?
  • Do you take enough clothing and shoes to accommodate any and all race and weather conditions?

I can help you to prepare you the best for your races, including transition areas.