Why Me

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•A fitness program designed specifically for your needs
•A detailed plan to help you achieve your goals
•Thorough instruction to ensure correct and safe techniques
•Motivation and ongoing guidance
•A resource for your fitness questions
•Guidance to help make exercise a regular part of your daily life


Personal Training is designed with you in mind: I will help you overcome your unique challenges and obstacles, devising you a tailored workout and nutrition approach that will get you the results you not only expect but deserve! I motivate my clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability. I measure my client’s strengths and weakness with fitness assessments and educate them in other aspects of wellness including general health and nutrition.

During the Free Consultation we talk about your health and fitness goals and explain you how we can help you to achieve your goals. We follow up with a physical assessment and end with a short training session to make you familiar with the equipment and to give you an impression of a regular workout.